Endurance Mindset

I created the endurance mindset programme for athletes who want to develop elite mental strength and resilience during training, at the start line and during the race. You no longer need to keep searching for that ideal mental training video, book, or podcast and you will save hours of valuable training time because I have compiled the finest mindset resources in one place! 

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What athletes are saying about the programme...

"Emma's Endurance Mindset coaching gave me the confidence to make the cross over from running marathons to ultra marathons. By working thru Emma's endurance mindset programme I gained the belief on the start line that I was there to compete rather than just complete. Emma's endurance mindset programme has given me and my racing a new found confidence, a confidence that is evident not only from my ultra marathon race results but also in my confidence as a runner as I now truly believe the body can achieve what the mind believes."

The flagship endurance mindset programme provides you with an exceptional amount of tried and tested tools and techniques to better understand the impact that your mind has on your physical performance, and we achieve this in just 12 sessions.

The programme helps you uncover your ideal mindset during training, at the start line, and during the event. Why risk another DNS or DNF? We will work through a number of proven techniques to ensure that your endurance goal runs through every area of your life to set you up for the best success. 

We can review your time management for enhancing your training schedule. I will teach you about your thought patterns and how to flip these on a deeper and more sustainable level- something which I know is crucial when the nagging doubt starts to set in during a race. We can look at your eating and sleeping habits, and how these affect your performance. We will embed new habits into all areas of your life. We will also work to clear any mental blocks and resolve inner conflicts. Hypnotherapy is included and this will allow new beliefs to be programmed directly into your subconscious. I will teach you EFT which is an excellent aid for any race day nerves, or if those muscle twinges start! We can also use techniques such as time line therapy to get to the root cause of your performance blocks. You will complete this program having learned so much about yourself and your performance. 

You already have the mindset within you, and I can't wait to help you uncover it. 

Short on time? Left it all a bit last minute? I also offer an Endurance Mindset rapid breakthrough session. This is a set programme that can be completed in around 4 hours and is ideal if you need a mental boost the week before your event! We will look at how to clear blocks when you are having doubts about your performance, and how to enhance your overall mental resilience and push on through.

For those of you who like to read more... as a keen mountain biker, yoga enthusiast, and general all round lover of all things outdoors, I completely understand the importance of being in good physical shape. I also fully understand the impact that my mind has on my fitness, training, and overall health. Being married to an ultra runner, I saw first hand the benefits of a well planned and well executed physical training programme. But I did also see how, despite being in peak physical fitness, something would often be holding him back on race day. I began to understand this was his mindset. Once I had completed my Master Coaching training, my Endurance Mindset programme was created and I was able to help achieve tangible improvements in his performance. He has now completed more races than ever- 2 ultras in one year plus numerous marathons, most recently the Arc 50, and has smashed PBs like you wouldn't believe!