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You've trained your body, now it's time to train your mind

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The endurance mindset programme is for athletes who want to develop elite mental strength and resilience during training, at the start line, and during the race. 

Perhaps you have a specific goal in mind for your endurance mindset? Or maybe this is all new to you and you're not sure where to start? 

Over 12 sessions, we take time for you to really understand and remove your mental blocks to peak performance. We start by taking an overview of your mindset as it currently stands, and this helps inform the areas that you need to focus on. We use this information to set goals and we go from there. The focus of the process is on your endurance mindset, but the roots of the programme are in life coaching which is of huge benefit to you because you get the best of both worlds. The outcome of each session is about strengthening your endurance mindset, with an understanding that the blockers to this can come from any area of your life. 

We will uncover areas such as your values and how they impact on your performance. We look at how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are closely linked. We will dig into areas such as your time management, creating new habits and sticking to them, how your overall health and well-being are affecting your performance, and so much more! We use NLP for a lot of this as it enables you to quickly establish the root cause of your thought patterns. Once we find the root cause, we use a variety of techniques to remove the block and flip the belief to something positive and beneficial. We will then embed these new and positive thought patterns to ensure life-lasting change. Having this positive mindset as a ‘go to’ is crucial when the nagging doubt sets in during training, at the start line, or during a race. Along with NLP, I use various life coaching techniques plus EFT (tapping), and hypnotherapy. We will ensure that your endurance goal runs through every area of your life and you will gain a complete understanding of the impact that your mind has on your physical performance.

You already have the mindset within you, and I can't wait to help you uncover it!

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What athletes are saying about the programme...

"Emma's Endurance Mindset coaching gave me the confidence to make the cross over from running marathons to ultra marathons. By working thru Emma's endurance mindset programme I gained the belief on the start line that I was there to compete rather than just complete. Emma's endurance mindset programme has given me and my racing a new found confidence, a confidence that is evident not only from my ultra marathon race results but also in my confidence as a runner as I now truly believe the body can achieve what the mind believes."

Short on time? Left it all a bit last minute? I also offer an Endurance Mindset rapid breakthrough session. This is a condensed version that can be completed in 4 hours and is ideal if you need a mental boost the week before your event! We will look at how to clear blocks when you are having doubts about your performance, and how to enhance your overall mental resilience and push on through. 

For those of you who like to read more... as a keen mountain biker, yoga enthusiast, and general lover of all things outdoors, I completely understand the importance of being in good physical shape. I also fully understand the impact that my mind has on my fitness, training, and overall health. Being married to an ultra runner, I saw firsthand the benefits of a well-planned and well-executed physical training programme. But I did also see how, despite being in peak physical fitness, something would often be holding him back in his performance. I began to understand this was his mindset. Once I had completed my Master Coaching training, my Endurance Mindset programme was created and I was able to help achieve tangible improvements in his performance. He has now completed more races than ever- 2 ultras in one year plus numerous marathons, most recently the Arc 50, and has smashed PBs like you wouldn't believe! 

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