Stress & Anxiety

“Stress, depression and anxiety accounted for 50% of ill health at work in 2020/21, with 42% of stress cases linked to work.”

Does this sound familiar? Are you feeling stressed? Anxious? Heading towards burnout? 

This is something that so many of us can identify with and you can only continue feeling this way for so long. 

I developed a programme for stress and anxiety for people who want to understand their triggers and develop resilience, without attending hours of talk therapy or spending valuable time trying books, podcasts, or scrolling through facebook groups looking for solutions. I have the best resouces all in one place. 

We will explore all areas of your life over the course of 12 sessions. Using tried and tested tools and techniques, we will delve into the impact that stress and anxiety is having on you. The programme is tailored to suit your individual needs and is packed full of amazing techniques that I can't wait to share with you, to enable you to feel back in control. We can work together to achieve a goal that you have in mind, or perhaps your goal is to feel better about your stress or anxiety. We will review your overall wellbeing and delve into areas that trigger your stress and anxiety. Working collaboratively, you will learn how to create new thought patterns that really benefit you. You will ingrain new habits. I can teach you relaxation techniques and show you how EFT can help with your triggers. I also use hypnotherapy, which is a deeply relaxing experience in itself, to program new beliefs into your subconscious. With techniques such as time line therapy, you will discover the root cause of events that may have contributed to your stress or anxiety. We will resolve any inner conflicts you are feeling, and work to remove any blocks to you feeling well. You will learn so much about yourself during our sessions. 

You are already so much more resilient than you know, and I look forward to helping you uncover this within yourself. 

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