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Master Transformational Life Coach ⚬ Master NLP Practitioner ⚬  Master Clinical Hypnotherapist 


Welcome to Emma Casey Coaching and I’m so glad you’re here! 

I’m Emma, mindset specialist and founder of this life coaching practice dedicated to helping you take control of your mindset, reconnect with your best self, and elevate your wellbeing. I bring a unique blend of expertise to each coaching session, helping you build resilience against life's challenges and achieve a state of mental and physical rejuvenation, empowering you to live the life you truly desire. 

Well the good news is you’re in the right place. Through the course of your bespoke coaching programe you will be empowered to face your challenges head on by closely examining your life through three vital and interlinked elements- Reconnection, Mindset, and Wellbeing. 

Reconnection is all about reigniting a meaningful bond with yourself, others, or an important part of your life that you've lost touch with. 

Mindset is the collection of attitudes and beliefs you hold that shape how you see the world and react to everything that happens. 

Wellbeing is the all-encompassing state of enjoying good health, happiness, and prosperity, covering every aspect of your physical, mental, and emotional life.

These crucial elements all support and complement each other, and with just a few minor tweaks you can achieve major transformations!  

Are you ready to transform in 3 simple steps?

Ignite a powerful transformation and rediscover the incredible version of you that’s waiting to shine.

2. Master Your Mindset

Take better control of your thoughts and emotions, unleashing your inner resilience. 

3. Elevate Your Wellbeing

Rediscover your passions and boost your health and happiness, fuelling your zest for life. 

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Your Coaching Journey

Your coaching journey starts by diving deep into your mindset as it currently stands, leading the way to targeted improvements. We take an overview of your entire life, identify gaps, and turn these gaps into goals. We embed these goals through every area of your life, creating a roadmap for exceptional success. You will gain a full understanding of the impact your mindset has on your everyday life. 

We all go through experiences that cause us to lose our way, and I love helping people reconnect with their best self. The outcome of our initial sessions is strengthening your reconnection and boosting your mindset, with an understanding that the blocks to you currently achieving this can come from any area of your life. Through working on reconnection and focusing on mindset, you will see immediate improvements to your wellbeing.  

You will reunite with your values, often neglected for years but profoundly essential, and discover their incredible impact on your life. We can optimise your time management to create space for your passions and goals. Sleep habits are reviewed and we work on improvements. We can even assess spending habits so that your finances become a valuable resource. Your health and wellbeing receive an overhaul and personalised recommendations at every opportunity. We will address limiting beliefs, establish their origin, and then work to power up the beliefs you know are really true about yourself. 

Together, we dismantle obstacles and resolve inner conflicts, working to understand the blocks currently standing between you and your best life, rediscovering and reconnecting you to your best self along the way. By understanding the roots of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, you gain the power to create change and reshape your mindset and beliefs into something positive and beneficial. 

We work on your motivation, confidence, and resilience. This helps you develop a strong and positive mindset, crucial for success. You will develop strategies to master your emotions in high pressure situations, helping with stress, anxiety, or frustration. We develop techniques for you to stay calm and be your best under pressure. 

You will discover the power of shaping your mindset through creative visualisation methods. By mentally rehearsing aspects of your life, you can enhance your skills, build confidence, and create a sense of familiarity in an environment that perhaps currently feels a million miles away. Additionally, we can capitalise on things like your smartwatch or fitness tracker data to pinpoint areas for enhancing your wellbeing.

Each session offers invaluable insights into your mindset and is fully tailored to you. Every improvement we make is reinforced through life coaching, NLP techniques and hypnotherapy, ensuring the changes you make are life-lasting. 

"Take a moment to ask yourself where you will be in a years time if you don't take action today." 

If this fires you up, book a call. Let's do it! Your success story awaits. 

How do we achieve this?..

Transformational Life Coaching 

The missing piece between where you are now and where you want to be, transformational life coaching is a dynamic and holistic approach to personal development that goes beyond traditional coaching. We focus on facilitating profound and lasting change across your life, including mindset, behaviour, and overall wellbeing. Unlike conventional coaching that targets specific goals or challenges, transformational life coaching delves into the core beliefs and values that shape your life. It seeks to ignite a deep, internal transformation, enabling you to break free from limiting patterns, rediscover your authentic self, and create a more meaningful and purpose-driven life. Expect some thought-provoking and sometimes tough questions along the way, and you need to be ready to make changes and put in the effort to reap the benefits. It's important to remember that coaching isn't therapy or counselling, although the effects can be very therapeutic. We won't spend hours dissecting feelings, instead we'll focus on taking action. 


At the heart of our coaching sessions lies Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), an incredible tool that helps you gain a greater understanding of yourself, most notably why you think and behave the way you do. This enhanced understanding allows you to better understand your place in the world while also giving you a deeper insight into those around you. NLP is like peeking behind the curtain of human behaviour, uncovering what makes us tick. It's an amazing tool that helps us improve communication, overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve personal growth. NLP dives into how our brains (Neuro) process the words we use (Linguistic), and how that shapes our past, present, and future behaviours (Programming). Together we might find that to reach your goals, you've got to look at something from your past that's been holding you back. NLP helps us get to the heart of the matter and gives us the tools to understand and resolve those experiences. And guess what? The changes are both swift and long-lasting.


Hypnotherapy is like your secret weapon, seriously effective for a range of things from breaking habits, to dealing with pain, to giving your confidence a mega boost. Forget about those swinging pendulums and stage tricks you've seen! With hypnotherapy, you enter a super relaxed state, and it's like having a direct chat with your subconscious, where all your life experiences are held. That's where we work our magic to program in some life changing new beliefs.

EFT (Tapping)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is based on the belief that a blockage in energy flow in the body is at the root of physical pain and emotional ups and downs. It's all about tuning into those negative feelings and gently tapping on specific spots on your upper body. This taps into your energy flow, helping you shake off both physical discomfort and emotional baggage. It's not all about the negative- you can also use EFT to tap in a round of positivity!