Work With Me

Introduction Call: FREE

A relaxed opportunity for us to chat about what's on your mind, and we set aside 30 minutes for this. 

If you are a returning client wanting to reconnect, just drop me an email and we'll get you booked in. 

The Elite 10 Session Coaching Programme: £750 £650

Enjoy the ultimate overhaul of your mindset with the elite 10 session coaching programme. Each session is 1 hour 15 minutes and meticulously crafted to empower, inspire, and build your endurance mindset. It's more than just coaching; it's a gold-standard experience of life coaching, NLP, and hypnotherapy, designed to ignite life lasting change in your mindset. The 10 session programme is designed to support you for 3 months. Payment plan available on request.

The 4 Session Coaching Package: £260

Embark on a journey for your mindset with 4 sessions of life coaching. This is ideal if you want support or accountability for a short period. Each session lasts 1 hour 15 minutes and is tailored to your individual needs and the development of your endurance mindset. The 4 session package is designed to support you for 1-2 months. 

Monthly Support Coaching Package: £200

This is for you if we have already worked together and you need some mindset maintenance or a check-in. You will receive 2 sessions of 90 minutes and 30 days of support. 

The 4 Session Hypnotherapy Package: £220

Experience the power of hypnotherapy through a series of sessions designed to dissolve limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and cultivate a mindset of resilience and empowerment. Whether you're seeking relief from stress, resolution of personal challenges, or simply a greater sense of wellbeing, this 4 session package is crafted to provide you with the support and tools you need to thrive. 

Rapid Breakthrough Session: £325

Experience profound change with this intensive 4-hour rapid breakthrough session. Dive deep into your challenges and aspirations as we uncover hidden barriers and create a strategic roadmap to success. You will emerge empowered, energised, and ready to conquer any obstacle in your path.  A rapid breakthrough session is ideal for breaking habits that appear as a regular or predictable pattern. 

During your introduction call we can decide if a rapid breakthrough session is right for you.

The Return On Your Investment

Embarking on this journey goes beyond our scheduled sessions, it's a commitment to your personal growth and success and I'm here to support you every step of the way. Expect regular check-ins between sessions to keep you accountable and focused on your goals. Your personalised online portal is ready, filled with resources tailored just for you. Access weekly mindset tips, handpicked books, videos, podcasts and much more! 

Investing in yourself might feel like a leap, but don't underestimate the impact of working with a coach and its profound positive effect on the rest of your life.

What Happens Next? 

Book a FREE introduction call. It's the perfect opportunity for us to meet, ask questions, and get to know each other. Sessions are online which means we can connect wherever you are located.

Do I need a Life Coach or a Therapist?

Determining whether you need a life coach or a therapist depends on your specific needs and goals. If you're facing challenges related to mental health such as depression, trauma, or significant emotional distress, seeking therapy from a qualified mental health professional such as a therapist or counsellor would be most appropriate. Therapists are trained to help individuals understand and address underlying psychological issues, providing tools and techniques to manage symptoms. 

On the other hand, if you're looking to make positive changes in your life, set and achieve goals, enhance personal or professional development, or improve specific areas of your life such as health, relationships or career, working with a life coach is hugely beneficial. Life coaches specialise in helping clients identify their strengths, values, and goals. They provide support and guidance to create actionable plans for success, greatly enhancing your overall wellbeing.