Life Coaching Agreement

We're about to embark on an exciting journey together. Let's get on the same page with what we're committing to.

Our Collaboration

We're partnering up to work on your goals and aspirations. I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way.


You commit to approach our sessions with an open mind and a willingness to engage fully and authentically. I commit to providing my expertise and encouragement to help you thrive. 


Everything discussed during our sessions remains confidential. Your trust is vital, and I'll respect it wholeheartedly.

Goals and Objectives

Each session will have a clear objective, or specific goals or topics you want to address. I'll work with you to develop strategies and actionable steps.

Celebrating Success

We'll acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how big or small. Progress is a journey we're on together.

Overcoming Challenges

When challenges arise, we'll tackle them together. I'll bring practical ideas, and you'll bring your determination.

Open Communication

Be open to different perspectives and new strategies. I'll offer fresh insights and a variety of approaches to support you and expand your horizons. An open mind leads to growth. 

Assignments and Reflections

There will be exercises or reflections between sessions to deepen your progress and insights, and I invite you to embrace this fully. You get out what you put in. Think of them as tools for personal progress.

Financial Agreement

Session payment is expected 48 hours before we meet. Clear financial understanding keeps our focus on your development.

Adjustments and Closure

If changes are needed during our journey or if it's time to wrap up, we'll communicate openly to ensure a smooth process. 

Positive Change

While coaching isn't a magic wand, it's a powerful tool for transformation. Your commitment and my guidance will lead to remarkable results.

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