What Clients Say

★★★★★ "I’ve been a runner and ultra distance runner for a long time now. I train and prepare well for the races I enter down here in Cornwall and elsewhere. Physically I am in a good place after spending many many years as an obese male with no interest in running or any exercise - unless it was lifting chips to my mouth! Those years of being obese, whilst physically no more, remained as emotional and psychological scars. They played on my mind during ultra runs and nagged at me that I was too fat, useless and not worthy. I spent more energy battling my mind than the running course. This was massively holding me back. I needed to slay these demons and free myself of these energy sapping thoughts. I came across Emma Casey via a race vest her husband was wearing at a local event. I took a look at her website and made use of the free introductory session. I liked Emma and I liked her passion for her work. I signed up for the Endurance Mindset course immediately. The first sessions were about getting to know each other and what outcome I would like to achieve from the course. Emma meticulously planned out our remote sessions and guided me through the practice at all times. We spoke about my obese days and the scars those days had left on me. Emma put together a plan to rid me of those demons. Using NLP techniques and hypnotherapy we have worked to silence the energy sapping part of my mind and replace it with thoughts and strategies for focus, unwavering determination and mental resilience. I came into this process with zero expectations but I have completed it free of those energy sapping thoughts and a mindset which is tuned to now push on and reach a new level of potential. My first ultra run (100k) equipped with my new mindset was a huge success. Not once did the energy sapping thoughts appear. From the start I had nothing less than laser beam focus for completing the course in a good state of mind and not physically so spent that I could hardly stand. I achieved these goals. I’m so proud of this achievement and I look forward to my next event to practise the strategies and education Emma has provided me across this 12 week course. I cannot recommend Emma and her Endurance Mindset course highly enough. Enter with an open mind, engage with the techniques and let her guide you through the course. Trust her and the process. For me, I will be forever glad that I did and that I met Emma - she is lovely. Winning!"g.co/kgs/RTBZ3z

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