Workplace & Workshops

In addition to working with private clients, I offer workplace coaching and workshops. 

I can provide 1:1 workplace coaching, a valuable resource which recognises issues that are present in the workplace often have their roots in other areas of life. The first thing I always complete with clients is a detailed overview of life as it is currently. This identifies where the unmet needs are which can then be addressed during a course of coaching sessions. 

I'm privileged to collaborate closely with Cornish Mutual and the Inspiring Women Network, delivering empowering and transformative workshops that pave the way for success.  

The more a company develops its people, the more valuable they are to the company. Coaching is one of the most cost-effective and focused ways to do this. It puts the emphasis where it needs to be, on the skills of the people, and leads to quick results. 

business meeting, education setting, learning, people sat around a table

Why not maximise your team's potential with 1:1 sessions or targeted workshops led by a master life coach? I am dedicated to helping people unlock their full potential and helping them thrive, whilst enhancing wellbeing in the workplace. 

Reach out today to schedule a session and drive meaningful results for your business.

Workshops and coaching sessions can be held online which means we can connect wherever your business is located.